We are also indebted to our colleagues, staffs and all partner organizations for their kind support, suggestions and advice.

Shree Foundation is widening its wings for covering old people under its Age Care Scheme. It helps them in two ways: for those who prefer to live with their relatives, CSWS gives them protection under the “sponsor a grandparent program-SaGP ” for elderly people and other who have no one in the world CSWS brings them in its Home at the Central campus and provides everything required for maintaining a healthy life.

All the activities executed by CSWS help it to grow steadily with innovative ideas and concepts. We hope that all our well wishers may bless us to flourish with aims and objectives for achieving a healthy society.

Some special students are excluded from joining the educational system on the basis of an impairment, without any other education opportunity provided. Others are sent to schools designed to respond to a particular impairment, usually in a special-education system, and are thus segregated from the other students. Finally, some are integrated in mainstream schools so long as they can adjust to the schools’ standards. We have set up a role model system for their education in schools and in the “HOME” whereby they are all mainstreamed.


Adoption Child

Adoption involves the creation of a new family, a new parent-child relationship between individuals who are not biologically related. But it also ensures that the adopted child will rightfully receive all the same rights and benefits as those born into a family.

Charity actions

Your support will help us to fulfill every child’s dream of a meaningful childhood!

We have a Payumoney Account which will enable you to make a contribution right here, right now with just a few clicks. Below are various Programs for which we need your support

Child Protection

Human Rights Watch documented cases of women and girls who had faced physical, sexual and verbal abuse at the hands of caretakers in institutions, many of whom are not adequately trained. We have tried to ensure Freedom from exploitation, violence and abuse.

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Keep Your Support

India has more orphans than any other country in the world. SICW has placed more than 2,500 children in loving homes across the world.

A strong network of support from well wishers, sponsors, and donors in India and abroad has really been the foundation of our growth. Our journey so far has been challenging but fulfilling and we still feel that we have a million miles to go. The needs of helpless children are endless and every day brings a new reason to reach out to help those in need.

The story has been one of love, compassion, sacrifice and the power of the human spirit to triumph against all odds. Our services encompass a vast spectrum from placing children with loving families to educating them, providing vocational training, ensuring medical treatment, counselling services, sponsoring paediatric heart and eye surgeries and raising funds for children afflicted with thallasemia.

Governing Body


A senior consultant in pediatrics, specialising in special needs and neo natology.

Vice Chairperson

The Vice Chairperson spearheads the Jan Seva Project, Paediatric Heart, Eye, Thalassemia and Education Projects.


A Social Worker at the adoption desk and in these 5 years has helped many a child make the transition from our Children’s Home to their forever families.


The Administrator of the Shree Foundation program at Jan Seva.