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The Children Charity is the leading independent organization creating lasting change in the lives of children in need in India and around the world.

Shree Foundation is a non government fair trade organization registered under societies restration Act 1960, established in the 2011. We are at Shree Foundation working for last 6 years with a zeal of life in the field of education, health, income-generation and welfare for mother, children & old-age people of marginalized and underpriviledged section of the rural community.

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India has more orphans than any other country in the world. SICW has placed more than 2,500 children in loving homes across the world.

A strong network of support from well wishers, sponsors, and donors in India and abroad has really been the foundation of our growth. Our journey so far has been challenging but fulfilling and we still feel that we have a million miles to go. The needs of helpless children are endless and every day brings a new reason to reach out to help those in need.

The story has been one of love, compassion, sacrifice and the power of the human spirit to triumph against all odds. Our services encompass a vast spectrum from placing children with loving families to educating them, providing vocational training, ensuring medical treatment, counselling services, sponsoring paediatric heart and eye surgeries and raising funds for children afflicted with thallasemia.

Governing Body


A senior consultant in pediatrics, specialising in special needs and neo natology.

Vice Chairperson

The Vice Chairperson spearheads the Jan Seva Project, Paediatric Heart, Eye, Thalassemia and Education Projects.


A Social Worker at the adoption desk and in these 5 years has helped many a child make the transition from our Children’s Home to their forever families.


The Administrator of the Shree Foundation program at Jan Seva.